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Social media storytelling: How to engage your audience on a personal level

As the world of engaging with your audience becomes increasingly complex, the art of storytelling through social media has emerged as a crucial tool for any sports club, venue or business wanting to connect on a personal level with their audience. This approach's beauty lies in its simplicity and accessibility; anyone in the sports industry can embrace it, from a volunteer on a club board to an individual coach with no spare time, or even a sports centre with a team of staff.

The Power of Storytelling: At its heart, storytelling is about connecting with your audience through narratives that resonate. For those at the grassroots level in sport, this means sharing stories that showcase the passion, dedication, and community spirit powering their sport. The key to successful social media storytelling is crafting content that is authentic and engaging. Here are five quick content ideas for you to takeaway (ensuring correct permission is always obtained before sharing):

  1. Capture photos or videos of action-packed, fast-paced sport taking place. Maybe that’s your first team competing in a Sunday morning league match, a competitive training session on a Monday evening , or a very energetic team warm up. Aim for dynamic, well-filmed content – steady camera work, clear visibility of the action, and good lighting are basic yet essential.

  2. End captions with a call to action. Ask a question or encourage responses in the comments. 

  3. At your next social event, take photos of people enjoying themselves. Seems obvious I know, but a simple, smiling quiz winner can powerfully engage your audience. Focus on capturing the emotion, getting nice and close to highlight those smiles.

  4. Film some coaching sessions, and with a bit of planning,  ideally capturing inspirational moments or statements from the coaching team.

  5. Behind-the-scenes content is always a hit. At your next event, document volunteers setting out chairs, preparing food, and embodying dedication.

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Encouraging Participation From Your Network: Remember, engagement is a two-way street. Urge members, customers, parents, etc., to share their stories and experiences related to your club, venue, or business. This content is often extremely popular and performs well. It's also crucial to ensure that your network actively engages with the content you create. If your own members aren’t interacting with it, why would others? There's no magic wand for encouraging this—just persistence. Over weeks, months and years, engagement will become muscle memory.

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