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Roland Garros unveils their 2024 poster

For us design geeks, the unveiling of the Roland Garros tournament poster each year has been always something to get excited about and the poster for 2024 did not disappoint! From the Roland Garros website: “Every year since 1980, the FFT has commissioned a modern artist to create the official poster for the Roland-Garros tournament. For the 2024 edition, the selection committee decided upon one of Paul Rousteau’s creations. This poetic piece is highly innovative, as the photographer used artificial intelligence in his creative process.”

Sports marketing agency
Credit: Paul Rousteau / FFT 2024

When talking to the FFT about the design, he said "I wanted to represent Paris, but also the characteristic colour of a clay court. For example, I thought about putting the court on a wall, on a street, on a building covered with red clay, with lines, or even a bird’s eye view… A city, seen from above, is usually grey, but here I imagined it to be the ochre colour of Roland-Garros. Then, I fell upon the idea of depicting the River Seine,"

I think we can all agree that Paul Rousteau has done an incredible job!


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