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Maximising local sponsorship to build your brand

Local sponsorships are a goldmine of opportunity for grassroots sport. They're not just a funding source but also help to grow your brand through increased visibility, community involvement, and local support. We have put together a few quick tips to help you maximise these partnerships effectively.

Identifying Potential Sponsors: Begin by identifying local businesses that align with your values and audience. These could be small sports shops, local cafés, nearby schools, family owned restaurants or other businesses that benefit from association with community sports. Consider what your club/venue/business etc. can offer these businesses in return for their support. This step enhances your brand positioning by associating with reputable local businesses. It conveys a message of community integration and support for the community around you. It also goes a long way to increasing your brand visibility in the local area!

Creating Appealing Sponsorship Packages: Develop a range of sponsorship packages to suit different levels of investment. This could include branding opportunities, such as featuring the sponsor's logo on team kits or banners at events, mentions in newsletters and on social media, or the opportunity to host stalls or presentations at games and events. Really think outside the box with these, the more creative you are the more inclined a local business will be to get involved and the more businesses that get involved the broader your brand's appeal and reach.

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Credit: David Squires via Guildford Cricket Club

Building and Maintaining Relationships: Fostering a positive, ongoing relationship with sponsors is crucial. Provide regular updates on how their support is making a difference, invite them to events, and publicly acknowledge their support. Also, be open to their ideas and feedback. These ongoing relationships contribute positively to your brand's reputation for reliability and gratitude. It positions your club/venue/business as a valuable community member that values and sustains long-term partnerships.

Leveraging Sponsorships for Mutual Benefit: Think beyond financial support. Sponsors can offer in-kind support, such as equipment, services, or expertise. In return, ensure their business gets exposure to your audience in a way that adds value, like offering discounts to your members or hosting joint community events.

Measuring the Impact: Track the impact of your sponsorship efforts in terms of financial support and other benefits like increased visibility or community involvement. This data is useful and provides valuable feedback to sponsors on the effectiveness of their investment and strengthens your brand's position as accountable and results-oriented. It builds trust and can lead to increased loyalty and support from both sponsors and the community.

If you would like to see how W&H Design can help you maximise your sponsorship agreements to build your brand, just get in touch HERE.


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