How design can help a busy mind

Bonjour! Here we are again with another blog post and this one is very close to my heart. It is mental health awareness week this week and like so many other young men and women, I too have had trouble keeping on top of a busy and sometimes fragile mind. As well as meditation, which I bloomin' love, the number one cure for a pesky overloaded mind is my good old

how design can help a busy mind

Design is one of those words that means different things to different people. Saul Bass, one of the greatest graphic designers in American history, said: “Design is thinking made visual.” and how true is that!

You might be thinking "ok I like where this is going, but design can mean a hundred different things, I need specifics Lewis!!" which I would say "hold your horses good sir, I am about to breakdown the top 5 areas of design that I think are best for mental health". So here we go:

  1. Art: Art is another one of those vague terms people roll their eyes at, but I believe that it's vagueness is it's strongest quality. Pencil, pen, charcoal, paint, chalk, vector are just some of the many ways you can create art. There is no right or wrong with art, just whatever your interpretation is and how liberating is that! Forget stressing if your drawing doesn't look quite like what you hoped - sod that! Just crack on and take what is in your mind and put in on the canvas, paper, brick wall or whatever.

  2. Interior Design: Furniture, fittings and everything in between, interior design can be perfect for de-cluttering the mind. Whether you want to freshen up your office, re-arrange your living room, re-vamp your study or just get some new bed side tables, that feeling of change and progression gives your busy mind a chance to latch on to a new focus. It goes without saying that Pinterest is your friend when it comes to interior design, just be wary of slipping into a pinning hole!

  3. Editorial: Yup - novels, poems, short stories are all forms of design. The positioning of words on a page to form a coherent sentence is designing at it's finest! Language is one of human's finest achievements and over thousands of years authors and novices have painted pictures with words. As you may have gathered from reading my blogs, I lean more towards art than words but that doesn't stop me, and it shouldn't stop you! So to give renewed focus to your mind, why not write a short story? A humorous poem? Or even a naughty limerick? "There was a young fellow of Crete / Who was so exceedingly neat / When he got out of bed / He stood on his head / To make sure of not soiling his feet."

  4. Branding: Oh yes, unsurprisingly one of my favourite aspects of design. Jeff Bezos once said "your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room”, which is why companies across the world pour their money into making their brand as attractive as possible to you! This means lucky old you gets to sit back and enjoy the beautiful world of branding. Whether it's the news channel you watch, the cup of tea you brew or the shampoo you use in the morning, all have been expertly crafted so when you experience a overwhelmed mind, take a look around and see what branding you can see, the logo, the colours, it is surprisingly therapeutic! As another distraction for the mind, why not try a logo quiz game HERE.

in conclusion

A busy, fragile or anxious mind can be a scary thing, but speaking from personal experience, latching onto a focus is essential. Design has always been my escape and I am extremely grateful to call it my career, but for others, their solution for a busy mind might lie elsewhere. In this day and age there is thankfully a wealth of support out there for those struggling with their mental health, so I would very much encourage you to visit any of the below for support.

If you would like to chat to us here at WOOD&HAM about how design can help you, then just get in touch HERE.

Ciao, Lewis.