Bringing the outdoors in

As lovers of the outdoors and having both been brought up with an abundance of green space, adapting to flat living was initially a challenge.

As we have gradually nested and found our merge of styles it’s become our haven and a place that we would like to share with you more - so here goes!

Without the luxury of private garden space we have worked to bring the outdoors in by filling our home with our favourite flowers and indoor plants.

I have a number of vases, and I’m the happiest when each of them are filled and bringing colour to our tables and worktops. There will always be, without fail, a bunch of flowers in my large glass vase in the centre of our dining table; flowers bring me joy and put a smile on my face even in the toughest of times so if you need brightening up (or your living room does at least) I highly recommend some brightly coloured Tulips this month as supermarkets have them by the plenty.

These are from Sainsbury’s and were only £2.50 - bargain!

As Lewis is well aware, flowers are without a doubt my favourite thing.

As such, the various flowers I have housed in our home over the past few months have been a great source of inspiration for a number of pieces that Lewis has created and is why they will always be an easy muse.

Where I love experimenting with petals, Lewis has more of an eye for indoor plants.

Yes we name our plants - and no we are not sorry for it

Nellie’ our Yucca Elephantipes, sits proud as our first leaf baby (the most low maintenance kind of baby…we mistakenly thought) to enter our home.

She’s survived a year so far, a record for any plants we have owned (winning) so we are very proud of how she seems to be shooting up (…not sorry).

We’ve got her planted in an RHS pot, but we have a feeling that she’s beginning to get too large for it - so as soon as we can go to a gardening centre again we will be taking her with us to find her a new tub.

Most of our flat is very neutral, which makes it all the more fun to add pops of colour all over the place. The rich green that the Yucca gives off is a tone Lewis uses regularly in his work.

We also have little ‘Sprout’ our resident Fern.

He however, is a little more needy, and he’s been a bit of a ‘learn as you go’ kind of plant.

He’s looking a little sorry for himself at the moment as we didn’t originally have him in the greatest of spots for light, so we regularly bring him down for a bit of Vitamin D.

He does however look great on our living room shelf and we may partner him up with an ivy plant sister soon - watch this space.

Then there is ‘Spike’, our bathroom plant.

He is a Codiaeum Variegatum Gold Dust, what a mouth full!

He’s our prettiest of residents, and has been with us for nearly four months now; he loves sunshine and humidity.

He sits proud on Lewis’ homemade bathroom cabinet with his golden specks - he’s a bit of a pretty boy but helps with purifying our air and taking in a lot of the moisture.

Our smallest plants are ‘The Triplets’; a birthday present for Lewis.

These little guys are air plants which means they don’t actually need soil as they take all their nutrients from the air - crazy hey!

They’re the first thing people will see when they come into the flat, we can’t wait to have guests again just to show them off.

We hope you enjoyed meeting our leaf babies and having a glimpse into the corners of our flat.

Before you become parents of your indoor garden make sure that you have purchased the holy grail - plant food, and thank me later!

Until next time!

Imogen Harry

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