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5 free social media scheduling tools for volunteers

We understand that managing one or multiple social media platforms for your sports club, venue, or business can be daunting. At W&H Design, we work with various sports organisations to manage their social media presence and help educate them on how their volunteers can become more confident with social media. Our number one piece of advice is always about planning, planning, planning. By looking ahead, even just a week, and drafting a rough content calendar, the stress on volunteers managing social media accounts can be significantly reduced. To assist with this planning and scheduling, we've compiled a list of free digital scheduling platforms to get you started.

Hootsuite: A versatile platform, Hootsuite is ideal for those juggling multiple social media channels. With its free plan, you get one user, two social accounts, and the capacity to schedule five posts. Its 'Engage' feature is impressive, simplifying the management of incoming messages across different networks. This tool is particularly handy for volunteers who need to keep communication streamlined and organised​​.

Later: Originally an Instagram-centric tool, the free plan lets you manage one set of social profiles (one per platform) and schedule up to 30 posts per profile. It also provides basic analytics and easy-to-use templates. This tool is excellent for visual storytelling and those who prioritise Instagram in their social media strategy​​.

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Crowdfire: Crowdfire's free version allows linking of up to three social media accounts and scheduling of 10 posts per account. Its hashtag suggestion feature and ability to auto-customise content for different platforms make it a time-efficient choice for a volunteer workforce.

Buffer: Buffer is very user friendly and allows you to schedule posts on major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While it’s relatively light on advanced features, its straightforward dashboard makes it perfect for volunteers who need a simple yet effective tool for managing social media scheduling and engagement​​.

Zoho Social: This tool's free plan includes one team member and the capability to publish on seven channels. It stands out for its scheduling flexibility, social media activity tracking, and custom report creation.

If you would like W&H Design to help with your social media presence, simply get in touch HERE.


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