Humans have had a relationship with art, in one form or another, since the first human roamed the Earth. From prehistoric cave drawings to hieroglyphics, it is obvious that art has always been (and will continue to be) an interwoven part of our existence, regardless of gender, culture, religious beliefs, affluence or political views.

Art plays a big role in how humans see and interact with others, the world and of course...brands. Art helps us emotionally, financially and psychologically connect with our fellow human beings and there is very little out there that can match the level of connection that art can bring.

Once you see a brand's identity as more than just business, you will see how its colours, tone of voice, logo and more perform the exact same way a portrait at the National Gallery would. At WOOD&HAM we harness and use our artistic abilities to shape a brands identity.

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BRANDS who trust us

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We work with individuals and businesses to bring their idea and passion to life. We help give their 'big idea' the best image possible that will give the best shot at succeeding. We create logos, colour palettes, typography, digital assets through to identity documents and product packaging...all using our artistic eye and experience.

We produce rock solid brand guidelines that will give businesses of all sizes the freedom and reassurance that they can deliver high quality and consistent marketing material. This consistency is so incredibly important to any brand and their long term success. We ensure our clients are equipped with a host of assets that they can use in a multitude of environments.

Ok so you have started a business and it's going fine, but you have that niggling feeling that it could look a lot sharper and well...less outdated? This is where we come in. We work with businesses to evolve their brand and in many cases simply tweak their existing branding rather than carry out a full overhaul (which we will do if necessary).

We work with brands who love and appreciate the power of art. Associating your brand with the wonderful world of the arts can offer a huge array of benefits such as increased trust, loyalty and respect. Our party trick is that we ARE artists, so we can create illustrations of anything you can imagine. Animals, portraits, squiggly lines...literally anything. As artists, we regularly create commissioned art pieces, so combining our artwork with brands is a huge passion of ours.

For many businesses, venturing into the world of social media can be uneasy. We work with businesses to tailor their social media output to match their brand's tone of voice and most importantly their brands image. Branding should stretch across all aspects of a business and arguably the most important of all is social media. For businesses we can schedule posts, create blog posts/articles, design social media templates, design artwork for social media and much much more.

It is crucial to us that if we take over a social media, we liaise heavily with the business itself. We need to know as much about the business as the owners do otherwise the whole process falls down. We are not a 'hands off' agency...we get 'proper stuck in'!

It is not a given that photos should dominate a social media feed. Although high quality photography is always recommended, it is crucial to mix with it branded content and digital assets such as special borders, block colours, instagram highlights, quotes and more. As artists we are able to design custom assets on the go for your social media, meaning a host of new assets can be created and implemented on a daily basis.

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We just love designing and we work with our clients to create designs that can be used on banners, leaflets, posters and much more. Harnessing the power of art in business can see fantastic results.


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