Once you see a brand's identity as more than just business, you will see how its colours, tone of voice, logo and more, perform the exact same way a portrait at the National Gallery would. At WOOD&HAM we harness and use our artistic abilities to shape a brand's identity. 

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Brand Identity

Standing out in such a crowded world now is hard, so we give the brands we work with the best chance possible by helping to create a rock solid brand that will stand the test of time. By embracing the power of art, we work with individuals and businesses from the ground up, including logo design, marketing materials, colour palettes, typography and much more.



The world changes, as do businesses as they grow and take new directions, which is why it is crucial that the brand evolves with them. We work with brands in need of a full makeover as well as brands looking for a sensitive rebrand, where we can tweak their existing brand without the need for an overhaul. 

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines

Consistency is king when it comes to a brand and we understand that our clients may not always find it easy to apply their new branding. This is why we work closely with our clients to ensure they are armed with all the assets they need as well as a rock solid brand guidelines document to support them in years to come.



With years of experience behind us in magazine editing, we know our way around the written word, and more importantly we know how to use its power. We work with clients to help shape wording across their website, promotional material and wherever needed.


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social media management

The world of social media gets a bad wrap sometimes, and we can see why. Often misunderstood, social media is sometimes seen as a way to update friends on what you had for breakfast…in this day and age social media is one of the most powerful tools a brand can harness.


Think of social media as a shop window on a high street, you wouldn’t want poorly designed, blurry, out of date products in the window would you? You would want sharp and chic designs that show exactly what your brand is about for passers by. This is where we come in. We offer a social media management service where we handle scheduling, posting, content creation and digital templates to take the pressure off busy clients. We work tirelessly to ensure we completely understand all the intricacies of the brand we are representing, to ensure the transition is seamless. 

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website design

We work alongside talented website designers to deliver websites that not only are functional, robust and easy to update, but most importantly websites that are darn sexy. Together we will craft a custom website that engages and converts your ideal client. We will create a custom web experience that portrays your brand identity visually whilst giving a seamless user journey.


We always take a collaborative approach to every website design - listening to your ideas and infusing your feedback every step of the way - so that you end up with a design that feels like you.


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The world of print and packaging is often sterile and a little soulless, this is where we come in. Founded by artists, we ensure that everything we design has art at the very heart of it. Our deep appreciation for minimalism and negative space has made us who we are today, selling our art right across the world. We work with clients to design everything from the ground up, whatever they want or need we will give it the WOOD&HAM treatment. Business cards, brochures, product packaging, gift wrapping and so much more.

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Art is an immensely powerful tool in business; it has the ability to connect with people on a very deep and emotional level, making it a useful asset to any brand. We work with clients to create custom illustrations tailored entirely to them. We illustrate products, design website icons, illustrate books, capture shopfronts and offices, illustrate staff members and so much more. The beauty of art is that it is limited only by the imagination of our clients. If you haven’t already explored our website, we encourage you to do so. You will see many of our illustrations, art pieces and designs featured.

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OUR work.

At WOOD&HAM we harness and use our artistic abilities to shape a brand's identity. Take a look through our recent projects.

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